Episode 1: Yussus Lifestyle echos a touch of homegrown magic

Discover the untold story behind Yussus – straight from the heart of South Africa! 🇿🇦 Join us on our first podcast episode; tracing the South African Heritage of a Global Icon, as we unravel the roots of our brand and celebrate the journey that brought us to the world stage. Don’t miss out – hit play now and join the adventure of South Africans living around the world, telling their stories!!!

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Yussus is a word used by millions of South Africans every day and this podcast channel has been created to connect South Africans living around the world through love and compassion by sharing their life stories!

Episode 001 : Meet Janine (Founder) and Tyrone (Ambassador) with Johnny (Tech Guru) of the Yussus Lifestyle Crew. This episode introduces you to the Yussus Podcasts and invites all South Africans living around the world to get in touch with us and share their Story!

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